Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Flyers Interested in Rick Nash

Here comes a rumor which is sure to get even the most borderline Flyers fan slightly confused.  From ESPN's Daily Debate (Side Note- Pretty sure ESPN only has two hockey writers).

The Rangers, Kings and Philadelphia Flyers would make sense to me, although the math would be really tight in New York given the money already tied up in Brad RichardsMarian Gaborik and Henrik Lundqvist. But no doubt Nash represents just what the Blueshirts need. And there are always ways to get creative cap-wise. The Rangers have some young pieces (led by Chris Kreider) that might entice the Jackets. Howson, after all, took in the Rangers-Flyers game over the weekend. 
Which brings me to the Flyers, whom I believe also have interest in Nash and certainly have the young pieces to get involved (Brayden Schenn, James Van Riemsdyk or Sean Couturier, etc). Can you imagine Rick Nash on a line with Claude Giroux?

Mass confusion that this move is being talked about or is even close to happening.  But wait, there's more.  Kevin Paul Dupont from The Boston Globe reports that there could be a three way trade between Toronto, Philly, and Columbus.  As long as we don't receive Jeff Carter or any other forward that's ever existed, I might be alright with this deal.  And yes, I am willing to give up BraySchenn, Cooter, Reader, or Reimer , despite the nicknames we have found for them.  

Monday, February 13, 2012

How the hell did the Flyers move up in Power Rankings?

This post could also be subtitled "I shit you not".  Our Flyers, the team without a defense, haven't played too well recently.  Even Pierre LeBrun notices this, highlighting five losses in the last six games.  The game against the Rangers was embarrassing.  We can all agree on that.  The game against the Red Wings, while not nearly as embarrassing, should have been won, and would have possibly marked a turn around for this team.

Maybe LeBrun is making too much out of KimmoTimo's rant.  Maybe he is not seeing the defense for what it is.  Maybe he is making too much out of a win against the Leafs.  Either way, the Flyers should not have moved up.  They are on the downward spiral, no matter how much I don't like to admit it. 

Thanks for the vote of confidence though.

Friday, February 10, 2012

5 things the Flyers need to be Playoff Ready

Our savior

1. A Competent Goalie

While Bob has struggled recently, Bryz looks as if he is regaining some of his confidence (that is until the "flu" sidelined him*).  However, I have not been confident since very early in the season.  Goalies win games.  We've seen it against the Rangers, and we'll see it against every team in the playoffs.  The question is, will teams see it against us?

2. A new leader on defense

Timonen is great.  He really is.  What he isn't, however, is Chris Pronger.  Without Pronger, it's evident that the Flyers need him. He is the key (a very tall, gangly key). And whether the Flyers trade for a defenseman, or someone steps up, this is absolutely necessary for a team.  We can blame Bryzgalov for his goalkeeping all we want, but plenty of those goals would not have happened if not for poor defense.   

3. Homecooking

13-8-5 at home.  Not good.  Come playoff time, the Wells Fargo Center will be rocking and right now it isn't clear if the Flyers will use it to their advantage.  How many times will we hear DOOP be played?  It's up to the Flyers.  The fans will bring their A-game.  There will be a sea of orange.  Before the playoffs, the Flyers need to prove they can have a winning record in Philly.

4. A win against the Rangers

This one is almost, almost, just because I personally need to see a Flyers victory against NYR.  But, there are other reasons.  First of all, the Flyers, should they make it past the first round of the playoffs, could end up playing against our favorite team.  There are two more regular season games where we will have a chance to beat Lundqvist.  Flyers need to use those games to learn how to move past this mental block.  

5. Momentum

The problem with the 2011 playoffs was this.  The Flyers went in limping.  They went in with few wins to close out the season, and thus little momentum to take them through.  How important is momentum?  In 2009-10, the Flyers made it to the playoffs on the last game of the season, then went on to the Stanley Cup finals.  As long as the Flyers win games going into the playoffs, there will be hope for a Stanley Cup run.  

*It may actually be the flu

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Holy God the Flyers Won

I feel like Briere tries to look like a 4 year old

The goalie situation refuses to resolve itself.  Our defense consists of some... interesting(?) characters.  We are missing key players due to injury.  Yet, the Flyers found a way to win, thus ending my embarrassing reactions to losses when I'm in the computer lab. I mean it's bad.  The noises I make when Bryz allows a shootout goal aren't for the general public.  Or even close family, really. 

The Flyers won 4-3 behind a 24 save appearance from Sergei Bobrovsky. 

Sure this was great and the first period looked convincing, but let's not be hasty in saying this team is back to its winning ways.  I would love to say it, but I don't enjoy lying to the four people who read this blog (or do I?).  It's just we're not seeing the same Flyers team we saw at the beginning of the season.  Yes, Chris Pronger makes a difference, but it shouldn't be that much of a difference.  This team cannot advance in the playoffs as it is now.  Sorry to throw a bucket of ice on your collective crotch, but it's true.

A few game notes:

-BraySchenn and his much less skilled brother, Luke Schenn, both scored penalties in the first ten minutes of the game.  Their parents aren't mad, just disappointed.

- BraySchenn later scored after a scramble in front.  This Mike Richards trade continues to make me happy.  He was also confused with his brother name wise by the TSN announcers, who I'm sure are normally on their game (heh).

- Scott Hartnell scored one of the luckier goals I've ever seen... then was attacked by Phaneuf (who he shared some unkind words with at the ASG). 

- Giroux finally scored a normal goal, gods be praised.

- Bryz has the "flu".  I only put this in quotes, because the last time a Flyers player had the flu, he ended up with a season ending concussion (apparently a flu symptom).

Photo courtesy AP

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bryz records his 25th career shutout!... And Loses

Yep.  That pretty much sums it up.
 Why? Why the hell did I watch that game last night?  I had to physically go to a computer lab to do it, and for some reason, sat there for 2 and a half hours.  I'm sure I missed a couple of great Family Guy episodes while I was sitting there.  Sure I saw some above average -- but not great -- goaltending from Bryz (let's be honest, he wasn't truly tested with many shots), but I also had to witness Nabakov save 45 Flyers shots.  I'll let that sink in.

Really nothing of note in that game.  Everything just kind of blends together while looking back.  Even the overtime felt the same as the rest of the game.  Just constant pressure by the Flyers, but no goals.  (Fun Fact: The Flyers had about 17,000 open nets that they missed)  Then a typical performance we've all seen before (kind of like Forrest Gump, but more depressing).  Bryz looking like he needs his Mommy as players approach during the shootout.  And again, Nabakov looked brilliant during the shootout.

Flyers lost 1-0 (SO).

Great, now I'm more interested in covering the Sixers.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Flyers Mess With Our Emotions, Lose 6-4

"Our backups will suck today, no?"

Unbelievable game.  Absolutely insane.  I considered giving up in the first period.  I then considered giving up in the second period.  But no, I'm glad I stuck around and it's some of the most exciting hockey I've seen the Flyers play this season.  I really don't even have much to say.

-The Officiating was horrendous.  The non-call in the first that led to a goal arguably affected the winner of the game.  Now, I wouldn't have said that if the Flyers didn't get their rear in gear and charge back in the third period, but alas, we can see what one call can do to momentum and eventually the end of the game.

- Bob let in six goals.  Overall a bad move keeping him in that long.  You had to start him, but after Bryz was taken out, Flyers outscored the Devils 4-0. Very Significant.

- The shot totals in the third period were 16-1 in favor of the Flyers at one point.  God like.

- Giroux scored, Simmonds scored, Voracek scored, Jagr scored.  Good mix which shows everyone was buzzing.

- The Flyers will certainly be angry tomorrow for our good friends from the Big Apple. Bryz will be warmed up. We will go too MSG with a full head of steam and bury Lundqvist.

- I almost punched the TV when the refs blew that call in the first.  I held back. Self control, yo.

Game time tomorrow is at 1:00 and takes precedence over the SuperBowl by a longshot.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Giroux Tweets about Facebook Page, Page Explodes

Good ole Claude Giroux knows how to please his fans.  With every move he makes he continues to be awesome (and make all of the ladies in the area pregnant*).  This continued when he tweeted about his official Facebook page.

Despite his reckless and terrible hashtagging, the page proceeded to explode with 300 likes in about 5 minutes.  Wait to go Claude, you have created a page to make women (and a few men) throw their virtual panties at you.  Bravo. 

*Much needed Flight of the Conchords reference